Abstraks Article

My incredible friend Ian Sanity Tartasky wrote a piece about my artwork and process.  It’s ridiculously glowing.  I’m genuinely taken aback by such high praise.

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New Collages 05Feb2015

These pieces are torn portions and layered fields from other works in process. I love that by working on multiple studies you can often accomplish more than the final work. I really enjoy the layering and bright colors. Questions and comments are always welcome

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Antlerson Cooper

This is a piece I created and sold last year. As is often the case with my work, I find documenting to often be the hardest part of the process of arting. It truly is a discipline my friend Ian of http://www.imightbeinsane.com has down. Check out his work and his twitter, he shows his work in process and is not afraid to editorialize on the grind of daily art making. He’s a true Boston Gem.

Antlerson Cooper is titled out of a nightmarish pun-off with comedian Justin P. Drew and BCDWire author Kevin Slane. Both are WAY better than the punning they put themselves through and I can never thank them enough for stooping to my level.

The actual head mount here was ‘recovered’ by my father from a friend’s trash decades ago. It has since lived in a garage in my hometown of Manchester, CT. I rescued this fine fellow and kept him in the trunk of my car while the temperature dropped to kill anything alive on it. Also I used the carpool lane that whole week. After that I mounted additional antler brackets and fixed pieces of painted, inked and carved cedar to create a new rack. As always the work is mostly recovered materials, cast off paint, old cedar and a mildly pilfered lamp (sorry Mom). I have included images of the buck while under repair with all the pinning, gluing and murphy’s oil soap that poorly maintained taxidermy requires. This is also known as love. Don’t let your mounts get too dry or I’ll make art out of them.

Pro tip: If you drill or carve antlers wear a respirator. They smell terrible inside and the amount of testosterone I was apparently exposed to made me into a bro super soldier. Though, I will say it was probably what got me through the least amount of sleep during art since Alfred.

This is easily one of my favorite pieces to date. Questions and Comments always welcome.

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New Small Sculpture-The Duke

I completed another small sculpture this week. I often wonder about working with reclaim and cast off supplies if the work is fully dictated by material rather than by what I want to do with the work. This became apparent as I began working on this piece after completing a large painting with a Hawaiian theme. As observed by a super talented comedian this sculpture is unmistakably pineapple-like in appearance.

Is it odd when your work in one medium informs an entirely different body of work? Or is it ridiculous to think each piece in your total body of work exists on its own? WHAT’S IT ALL MEAN MAN? Comments, crits always welcome!

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Small Collages

These pieces are still on sale, with another image added below. Check them out and leave some feedback!

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Ball so Hard-New Ethan Print!

I’ve gone back to Linoleum block for the first time in far too long. Here are the Artist and Color Proofs. As you can see I am still having issues with the brayer and hand printing in general. Pro tips always welcome, though telling me to “get a job” is always hilarious.

These will be on sale at ARCH Gallery for their holiday art bizarre in Allston.Ball So Hard CP

Ball So Hard AP

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New Paintings for Wonderbar’s Comedy, Music and Art Showcase!

Brighten up those walls with a dash of color, these 19 small paintings will be on display. Each comes with a cheap frame and is backed with cotton rag paper. Come hang, laugh and rock out with us. Hope to see you there!

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